Music Matters (November 16th, 2012)

Autism and Sound

NPR featured a video from the “Imagine Science Film Festival” on how someone with autism experiences sounds. This enlightening video shows how impactful sounds can be on a person’s life and is a great reminder for us to seek out times of quiet with God removing all sonic overload.

Remembering Post-Hardcore Through Underoath

Guest contributor Kiel Hauck at Christ and Pop Culture wrote about Underoath’s influence on post-hardcore bands as well as the effect of their lyricism on his own journey with Christ. He states:

 As a music listener, Underoath challenged me to think harder about composition and what actually makes a song or an album complete or meaningful. As a Christian, they confronted my fears and encouraged me to face my doubts with joy and acceptance rather than defeat and despair. As a human, they provided peace in the midst of pain and understanding in the midst of confusion.

Schmaltz-Free Christmas Music

If you enjoy new and eclectic Christmas music then you might want to check out Sufjan Steven’s newest offering Silver & Gold and Jason Morehead’s review

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